AM (Baptism) Service 22 December 2013

Title: Jesus Came To Call Sinners.

Text: Luke 5:27-32.

Preacher: Dan Kroon.

In spending a number of weeks considering why Jesus came into the world, we don’t want to forget the mere fact that he came into the world. That God himself stepped out of heaven and into the world as a man to personally call his people. This Sunday morning we build on the brief message from Carols last week, that Jesus came, not to call the ‘righteous’ (or faithful), but the sinners (or faithless). And he came to call them to discipleship and repentance – a call to a defined relationship with God. We even get to recognise how this call is extended to babies in the covenant community as we witness the baptism of little Liam Bylsma.

Series: Jesus Came Into The World… (#3).

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